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Cardiac Checkup Packages

Basic Cardiac Checkup

Basic Biochemistry profiles, ECG, Echocardiogram and Cardiology Consultation.

INR Rs- 5400.00

Master Cardiac Checkup

Basic Biochemistry profile, ECG, Echocardiogram, Cardiology Consultation, ,TMT, Thyroid, and CRP

INR Rs- 7500.00

Executive Cardiac Checkup

Master Cardiac Profiles plus LDH, Vit-B12, Folic acid, PSA, Fibrinogen, and Viral Screening

INR Rs- 9900.00


Cardiology Consultation

ICCU Care and Management

Life Saving Procedures

Fast Recovery easy Mobilization

Pioneer in New Devices Care

Advanced Care in Critical Cardiology

Priority is to give more safety and early discharge

Feature One

Early diagnosis and management in emergency situation in ACS, ADHF and multiple organ failure conditions

Feature Two

Life saving procedures will be performed 24/7 hours. Because correct timing and essential interventions are key to success in critically ill patients

Feature Three

Apart from routine procedures, if a patient warrant new technique in treatment protocol to save his life , will implement with consent